Welcome to Programming for Biologists

This is the website for Ethan White's programming courses designed for biologists. At the moment there are two courses being taught during Fall 2011.

The goal of these courses is to avoid a lot of the theory that is taught in introductory computer science classes in favor of covering more of the practical side of programming that is necessary for conducting research in biology. In other words, the purpose of these courses is to teach you how to drive the car, not prepare you to be a mechanic.

These courses, and this site, will be developed over the next 5-years as part of the education component of an NSF CAREER award intended to improve the use of computational tools in biology. This will include a number of online resources to make this material more broadly available than is possible through a traditional college course. It is also my hope that this space will make it possible to team up with other like minded biologists and programmers to tackle the challenge of training biologists to more effectively use available computational resources. If you are interested in joining forces, please feel free to get in touch.