National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation is supporting the development of both the university courses and this site through an NSF CAREER award.

Department of Biology at Utah State University

USU’s Department of Biology and in particular Dept. Head Butch Brodie and former Dept. Head Daryll Dewald have supported the development of the university courses through time off from other teaching endeavors and facilitating access to appropriate classroom facilities (which is harder to obtain than you might think).

Software Carpentry

Software Carpentry has been teaching scientists and engineers the concepts, skills, and tools they need to use and build software more productively since 1977. All of the content is freely available under a Creative Commons license (the same one we use here), and the existence of this content not only saves me a massive amount of time and effort, but also taught me a lot of what I know about programming well.


This site runs on the excellent, open-source, Drupal content management system.

A Small Orange

We are happily hosted by A Small Orange, a small Atlanta based hosting company that focuses on providing a top quality customer experience. The combination of rapid, high quality customer service and a willingness to work happily with beginners makes them an excellent host for scientific endeavors on the web. You can save 15% on new hosting and help support by using this coupon (SAVEATASO) during signup.