We just realized that in our first platypus experiment, some eggs were poached or didn’t hatch, and we didn’t count those numbers. We want those eggs included in total_fecundity, but we want to know how many eggs actually hatched as well.

Create a second class, BetterPlatypus. It should be just like (inherit from) our original Platypus class except that it takes two lists: one is the original list of eggs laid, and the other is a list of eggs we just found that didn’t hatch. Override the lay_eggs method so that it takes two numbers, the number of hatched and the number of unhatched eggs. Override total_fecundity so that it incorporates both lists.

>>> perry = BetterPlatypus("perry", [3, 2, 4, 1, 2], [0,1,0,0,1])
>>> perry.lay_eggs(2, 1)
>>> perry.total_fecundity()

Fun fact: did you know that the platypus is also venomous?