Lists 6

This is a follow up to the Making Choices 3 problem.

Write a function dna_or_rna_multivalue(list_of_sequences) that takes a list of dna sequences as input, determines whether each sequence is DNA, RNA, or UNKNOWN, and then returns a list of those values (i.e., ‘DNA’, ‘RNA’, ‘UNKNOWN’) in the same order as the list_of_sequences.

I would recommend:

  1. Starting by copying your function from the Making Choices 3 problem into your current code [you may end up needing to modify the function to handle the unfortunate error that somehow crept into the list of sequences below]
  2. Calling this function from inside of your new function (yep, you can definitely do that) instead of rewriting or copying all of that code.
  3. Starting with an empty list to store the output.
  4. Using the the append method.

Use this new function to return the values for the following list of DNA sequences and then (outside of the function) print the values in the resulting list, one value per line.

list_of_sequences = ['attgcccaat', 'agcuucua', 'attuuccaga',
'ggcccacacgg', 'atattagcc', 'startcodon', 'uucaaggu', 'tttttttttt',