Regular Expressions 2

This is a follow up to the Regular Expressions 1 problem.

Once you figured out how to extract the latin binomials from a Wikipedia page that, to be generous, wasn’t exactly the most consistently formated thing you’d ever seen before, you realize that your Python Kung Fu has gotten pretty strong over the last few months*. So, you decide to push yourself a little harder and see how far you can get with this Wikipedia rodent list in another hour or two. Instead of getting just the latin binomial for each species you decide to also get the family so that each line of the results is family, genus, species (we don’t care about sub families, sub genera, etc.). And, because transfering things between databases and programming languages using text files is for rookies, novices, and newbs, you decide to skip the whole csv thing and move all of the resulting information straight into an SQLite database.

When you’re done with this assignment, commit the raw data file and the Python code to your repository. There’s no need to commit the database because your code will create it when executed.

Note: It is not uncommon for this type of programming euphoria driven confidence and excitement to be brutally shattered by the very next thing you try… so…