Shell 3 - Finding Things

This is a follow question to Shell 2 - Pipes and Filters.

Your team quickly realizes that since it’s going to have lots of data files it will be better to store them in their own directories to keep things more organized.

  1. Do an update from the repository using svn update. You should see two new folders appear in your main repository folder. Move them into the folder you are using for this assignment.
  2. Add a new directory to the directory where you are keeping this code called modeldata and then move the current areas.txt files into that folder using the subversion command line. Commit the changes.
  3. Modify your shell script so that when it is executed from the main project folder (which now has no areas.txt files in it) it finds all of the files in the subfolders and returns the full list of areas and predicted richnesses for all of the files.