SQL - Database Structure 2

Before starting this problem make sure that you have a backup of your database or that it has recently been committed to version control so that you can revert the changes if necessary. In fact, when developing the code it’s probably best to work on a copy of the database that is specifically just for development. Once it’s working then apply it to your actual database. Always, always, backup your databases before messing with them in this manner. Seriously.

The Species table in the Portal database has a structural problem in that the oldcode column often contains multiple pieces of information in a single cell. This means that we can’t really run queries that use the oldcode field effectively. Think about what the best structure would be for this table. It might include splitting the table into two separate tables (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Feel free to check with Ethan to make sure you’ve got the right idea. Using Python, restructure the database and store the new species table as PortalMammal_species(i.e., the same name it has now; you may need to learn about the DROP TABLE command in order to do this) and naming any new tables you create with easy to understand names.