Tests 1

This is a follow up to the Debugging 1 problem.

Write tests for your granger_analysis_code for the following cases and save it in a file called test_granger_analysis_code.py (remember that the file has to start with test_ for nose to find it). Make any corrections/improvements that need to be made to the code so that all of your tests pass.


  1. Sequence represented by upper case string
  2. Sequence represented by lower case string
  3. Sequence represented by mixed case string
  4. Sequence represented by multiline string


In an email accompanying your “updated” code, Dr. Granger indicated that the specifications for the earlength size classes were:

  1. extralarge: earlength >= 15
  2. large: 10 <= earlength < 15
  3. medium: 8 <= earlength < 10
  4. small: earlength < 8

Write tests to check:

  1. That each case is working when the numbers are in the range
  2. The edgecases of 8, 10, and 15
  3. What happens if non-numerical values are passed to the function (e.g., a string from a header row that didn’t get removed)

Modify the main code so that all of your tests pass.