Version Control 6

Version control exercises 6-9 assume that you have an instructor adding and modifying files in your repository. The files are available in the data and code directories of the course repository.

You’re working on a large project trying to predict diversity hotspots. Another member of your collaborative team has produced a series of files that contain lists of areas that resulted from a series of modeling exercises. Each filename begins with the word area.

Your programmer has whipped up a small python script called that takes a single file containing a list of areas, one per line, and returns the area and the predicted richness.

Your team is using version control and all of the relevant files are in the repository. Navigate to the main working directory for your repository and update it from the command line using git pull. This will place the necessary files in your main directory. Move the files into the directory you created for this assignment by using git mv filename new_location, commit this change with an appropriate commit message, and push them back to the central repository.