Version Control 7

This is a follow up question to Version Control 6.

Your job is to take all of these files, run them through the python code and produce a single list of the areas and associated richness predictions from all of the sites combined. This list should be sorted from the smallest area to the largest area, should only include unique values, and should be stored to a file called predicted_diversities.txt. You could cut and paste the files together, run them through the Python code, and then do some post processing to get the list looking right, but new files are going to be showing up constantly, and besides, this can be readily accomplished in one line using the shell. You could use a loop, but since you just need a single list of areas and predictions it’s probably easier to just use cat to concatenate all of the files at the beginning. Once you’ve figured out the necessary shell commands put them in a text file and save it as Test to make sure everything is working by running it using the command bash Commit the new shell program and the resulting data file to the repository.