Version Control 9

This is a follow up question to Version Control 8.

A colleague emails you to let you know that you need to change some of the parameter values that are being used in Go to the line that defines sar_parameters and change it to

sar_parameters = [[22.7, 0.3], [1.2, 0.163, 0.009],
                  [14.36, 21.16], [85.91, 42.57],
				  [1082.45, 1.59, 390000000]]

Now, follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Save the file and commit the change
  2. Email me to let me know you’ve changed the file
  3. I’ll email you back and tell you to go ahead and try to push the change to your GitHub repository.
  4. You should get an error indicating that the commit failed because you aren’t up to date with the repository (I’ve made changes since your last update).
  5. Pull those changes down, resolve any conflicts, and commit the resulting version of the file.