Installing Nose on Windows

With easy_install/pip

  1. If pip is installed on your system then simply type pip install nose into Cywin or the Windows command line
  2. If easy_install is installed, but pip is not, then install pip using easy_install pip and then run pip install nose


  1. Download Nose either from the main download page (if you can extract .tar.gz files) or get the zipped version I've created here
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Using either Cygwin or the Windows command line avigate to the location where you extracted it and then into the two nose-1.0.0 directories
  4. Check to make sure that you're in the right place. The direcotry should contain a bunch of files and directories including a nose directory and a file named
  5. Run the command python install
  6. This is the standard way to install Python modules that don't come with executable installers