Forms in Access

Forms allow us to manage how data is entered. They allow us to simplify data entry by:

Creating a basic form

We can create a basic form by:

  1. Selecting the table we want to create the form for
  2. Clicking on the Create tab
  3. In the Forms section of the ribbon selecting the Form Wizard
  4. Selecting the fields that we want to include the in form at adding them with the >
  5. Choosing the data layout
  6. Giving the form a name
  7. Pressing Finish


Using a basic form

We can now use this form to look at the contents of the table using the arrows, or add a new record by clicking on the arrow with the star next to it.

Once the new data has been entered we can add it to the database by either pressing the arrow with the star again, or by pressing tab while in the last field.

Even without any more work forms will stop major data entry errors based on the data type.

Quality Assurance Basics

We can provide much better control over data entry using forms.

  1. Go to Design View
  2. Select the data entry field you want to control
  3. If it is not already open, open the Property Sheet
  4. In the Validation Rule box enter the rule to limit values that can be entered
  5. Optionally, enter text to return if the rule is violated in the Validation Text box


Selection options from a list

We can also simple give users a list of options to select from.

  1. Right click on data entry field
  2. Select Change To and then the kind of box you want to supply
  3. In the Property Shee click in the Row Source box and then click on the three dots
  4. Now build a query that gives you the values you need
  5. Click Close
  6. Click Yes
  7. Now the user just selects one of the options that you have given them


This is only the beginning

There are many other things that you can do using forms. You can add buttons for starting new records, saving changes, or performing other tasks. You can edit forms in multiple tables simultaneously and have the values you enter for one table influence the values in another. And many other powerful and useful controls.